The ICMS 2020 is a virtual event bringing together scientists, engineers, practitioners, scholar students and other stakeholders to exchange and share their experiences, ideas and research results of the current situation and the future of tropical oceans.


Facing global change in the ocean, fair and sustainable use of marine resources, ocean-land-atmosphere interactions, big and open data in the ocean, and participatory sciences. Click here for more information.


Meet the team behind the International Conference on Marine Sciences 2020 – Tropical Oceans for the Future.

The Corporation Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences – CEMarin is
currently inviting submissions of abstracts for regular and speed talks, as
well as poster presentations. Please follow the link/button for
detailed information. Deadline is the 27st of august, 2020.

One of the missions of the CEMarin is the divulgation of scientific
research, in order to generate positive impacts in society. We would like
to see how marine sciences are evolving on the following fields: new
technologies, innovative approaches and sustainable development.